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Sex and relationship report

Have you ever wondered if 18 year olds have better / more varied sex than 60 years olds?

Do you want to know what the opposite sex in your age group like the most?

We have complied a scientific insight into relationships and sexual preferences from the ages of 18 to 60. We encourage you to download the full sex and relationship report. If you are a regular member of this is an ideal document to increases your changes of hooking up. Find the sexual interests within your age group that more of the opposite sex are passionate about.

What follows is a more in-depth discussion about a few of the report areas.

Affairs with age and gender

The graph below plots age vs interest level in affairs. This combines people wanting an affair with people willing to be involved within an affair.

affairs vs age graph

Men and affairs
I guess it comes as no surprise that men have more interest in affairs than women? But did you know the older the man becomes the likelihood of him cheating increases? Women can trust their 18 year old boyfriend more than their 60 year old husband even though causal sex is more prolific within the younger generation.

Women and affairs
The women's interest level in having an affair is much more varied. She is most interest around the age of 30 which is an age often said to be her sexual peak. The overall interest level in affairs for both sexes is generally similar, women can be just as much unfaithful as men. It does of course take 'two to tango'.

If you get caught
In a previous article, Cheaters: What would you get away with? it was determined than men have a 25% of chance being forgiven for cheating. May be we need to repeat this survey to see if men would be more forgiving. I expect the answer would be no!

Anal sex with age and gender

The graph below plots age vs interest level in anal sex.

anal sex vs age graph

Anal sex interest with age is clearly defined. The younger generation for both males and females are far more interested than the older generation. An 18 year old has twice the interest than that of a 60 year old. Why? I expect it's due to the media, pornography and an ever increasing relaxed attitude to sex.

Voyeurism: The older generation's passion

The graph below plots age vs interest level in voyeurism (watching other people having sex).

voyeurisms vs age graph

Watching others having sex is where the older generation have an edge over the younger. A 60 year old has a 50% larger interest than an 18 year old. It seems that the older generation have more confidence even though their bodies will not be anywhere close to the physical condition of the younger, firmer generation.


It doesn't really matter how old you are, there is always a real interest in different types of sexual activity and relationships. A 60 year old may not be spending their pension on lube for a night of anal but is more than happy to meet up and watch others have sex that the younger generation would simply not have the confidence to do. The middle aged woman may be sitting with her husband drinking a latte but is likely thinking about the younger barista and what he could do to her when she whips of his apron and orders it extra hot! Next time you're out in town spend the time and look at the people around you. You may have a completely different perspective thinking about what the different generations really get up to when no one is watching (or is watching!)

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