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We are totally free and we don't trick you like some sites

We are one of a very select few causal dating websites that is genuinely free.
  • We don't make fake profiles like some sites
  • We don't say free then try to charge you like some sites
  • We don't store your personal data when you leave like some sites
  • We don't charge you to remove data like some sites

We are not just 'some site'. We are free and open with our members. We have to compete everyday with sites that are unethical, and trick their users. So now is the time to expose what others do and ask in return you help spread the word about our site. If everyone really understood how the casual dating industry worked we would be one of the largest.

Our current membership count : Updated every 24 hours

Do you think the following is unethical?

Here are the types of practices performed by some other online dating sites. We will let you decide your own views and opinions.

Company generated profiles
Staff members create accounts or computer scripts run accounts and send messages to members who have not upgraded. One of the effects of this is people upgrade to communicate without releasing they are talking to someone who is not interested in dating. Often these generated profiles have a different visual icon to separate them from genuine members interested in dating.

Sending messages from dormant accounts
This is when a dating site operator sends messages to active members from accounts that are no longer used. Again, the effect is some members upgrade to communicate but the chance of a date is very low.

Some sites that perform one or both of these methods are owned by large companies. They are not breaking any laws and the best way to determine if a company is involved with these activities is to read their terms and condition. Everything will be listed but I would assume most people will never read them. Our own terms and conditions page accounts for just 0.03% of our total page views.

We are free, we don't need to trick you

As is 100% free there's no reason for us to create profiles nor for us to waste your time by sending messages from other people's accounts. Often people are drawn to other dating sites as they claim a 1:1 male to female membership ratio. I can tell you that we have no way near that. I believe that casual dating appeals more to men than women so therefore expect to see that in the figures. At the time of writing we have a 10:1 female to male ratio and are working hard to improve it. A site may genuinely have a 1:1 ratio but if they keep legacy accounts (especially female) or just simply create their own accounts you may like to question the validity of that ratio.

Will you help us grow?

For to really shake up and clean up the dating industry we need to be aiming for 10,000,000 members. We would love it if you could help us grow and all we need from you is to simply tell people about us. You may want to tell people via your social networks but nothing beats you showing your friend the site on your mobile phone or by whispering it in their ear!

tell your friends

What will you get in return for helping?

The more people who spread the word about, the more people you will have to search, message, chat and date. We're free so we can hardly pay you for telling :)

Keep in touch with us

  • Did you know we send a newsletter every week?
  • Did you know we have a Twitter page?

We are producing fresh, new and exciting content every week so make sure you're not missing out. We also ask you want improvements and changes should be made to the site and did you know we actually listen and implement them!

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Final words

Only together can we build into one of the largest free dating sites online. We work hard to make an easy to use and fast site and with your help we can become the most popular. Thank you and get showing the site to your friends tonight!

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