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Durex® campaign for a condom emoji

Durex®, a leading brand and manufacture of condoms is campaigning for a condom emoji to be created. The idea is simple; people can use the emoji in their chat to promote safe sex without having to type a convoluted message. You can following the campaign on Twitter with #CondomEmoji.

Durex emoji

What a fantastic and simple idea

We loved the idea at Saucy Dates so we decided to add it to our live chatroom. Anyone typing Durex or condom will see the new condom emoji within the live chat room. It will work on any device, from desktops to tablets. We encourage you to use it in both the chatroom and the bedroom!

Durex emoji

After a few hours of seeing the campaign we had it coded and running in the site. There were a few glitches to start which made the condom emoji extra large which caused a few smiles. Once corrected the screenshot was sent to Durex® who kindly liked it.

See our Tweet below and retweet and like to show your support

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