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#dateday : Busiest day for online dating - First Sunday of the year

3rd January 2016

The first Sunday of a New Year is when most dating sites see their maximum traffic. It's not valentines day as you might expect. If you're looking for a date or something more how can you take advantage of this opportunity? Here are some ideas you can do in the six days before this magical date of dates. It's time to get over the tedium of Christmas and holiday times with family members and get some excitement back in your life!

Busiest day for online dating

New user sign-ups to over the New Year period 2014 / 2015. X = Christmas Day, Y = New Years Eve, Z = First Sunday of the year

Why is the first Sunday 'Date Day'?

It's a combination of many factors:
  • Family members reminding you that your single at Christmas
  • Friends with partners for new years eve
  • Too long spent with your family over the holiday
  • New year's resolutions
  • Time for a new life, new changes
  • Back to work and bored already

6 days to go

Tell all of your single friends about 'date day' and get them to join you. The more people joining, the more people everyone gets to message and interact with. Don't keep it to yourself. New year 2014 to 2015 had over 3,000 people join on the first Sunday of the year. This year we want double that. Remember is 100% free and takes less than 60 seconds to open an account. So start telling friends now.

5 days to go

Now is the time to complete your profile. Spend 10 minutes today writing a few lines about yourself and upload a great picture. There is no need to be shy about sharing a picture. The aim is to get a date, people are going to want to see what you look like, so show them. Use this example profile for inspiration.

ItemExample / ideas
Tag linePick a fantasy!
DescriptionAre you bored of chatting to dull people? Do you want some excitement and adventure? I have a list of five fantasies that I want to tick of my list in 2016. What to help me?
  • Make a home video
  • Dress up in latex or rubber
  • Experiment with bondage
  • Rollplay
  • Ask me for the last item, it's a secret!
PictureJust smile and you will get the attention you want. Don't try and look cool, most of the time it fails!

You can then use your profile as further inspiration for your messages. Don't skip this task, it's very important to have your profile complete and exciting!

4 days to go

Practice your messages. You may have a limited number of potential matches local to you so practice your messages on people further away. Try a few different approaches and learn what works best.

Do not send one or two word messages like, 'hi', 'how r u'. You need to send a messages that gives the other person a reason to reply. If you get it right you can get a reply rate between 60% to 100%. Get it wrong and your rate will be less than 5%.

You can then use the best messages on the people you are most likely to meet in real-life. Don't use your newly found top performing messages yet. Save them for #dateday as you will get more replies and interest due to the increased site activity. Be patient.

Example message
WARNING: This message may be too hot to handle!
You have fetish & fantasies as an interest on your profile. Do you have a submissive side you would like to explore? Do you like the idea of being firmly tired up and teased and pleasured until just cannot take any more?

The example message above when sent to females had a 62.5% reply rate. Can you beat that?

3 days to go

Is your technology working? We always recommend chatting to people with the dating site as it's much safer but at some stage you will likely leave it when you are comfortable with someone you have been chatting with. You may chat on the phone, via webcam or Skype / iMessage. So make sure you have all the apps you need installed and working on your phone. If you already have them make sure you know the passwords to login to them! If you have any tech failures, now is the time to get them fixed. If you need mobile phone credit then get it topped up.

If you want to chat online without giving away any personal information then you may like to consider the anonymous chat system You can create your own room and share the link with one or more people. It doesn't need a username or password, therefore making it very easy to chat at a moments notice.

2 days to go

Now it's time to get some feedback on your profile. Join the live chat room within and ask what other people think about it. Listen to their views with an open mind as you still have time to improve before the big #dateday. If you're getting replies to your practice messages then everything is looking good.

1 day to go

Tomorrow is going to be the busiest online dating day of the year so don't miss it. Set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to login. In fact, set a few alarms for different times of the day.
  • Midday to midnight sees the majority of visitors
  • After midnight visitor rates drop quickly

Visitors to dating site on a Sunday

04:00 is the quietest time of the day and 23:00 to 00:00 is the busiest. Use this information to determine the best time to login and swap messages.

3rd January 2016

Today is the busiest online dating day of the year. Stay logged in all day and search and send messages to people local to you. If you want to get a date then focus on people within 50 miles of your location and put into practice everything you have learnt in the past few days. When you get a reply to a message ensure you login and reply back quickly. The private message system within is in real-time so if you're both reading messages at the same time you can quickly turn it into a live conversation. This is your best chance to really get to know someone and turn that chat into a phone number and then a date!

Let us know how you got on

Use the hashtag #dateday and send us a Tweet @saucydates and tell us if you got lucky. Tell us as little or as much detail as you wish! Have an amazing 2016. Happy New Year!

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