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The best adult dating affiliate program?

If you love our brand then let's work together. We have a high paying and modern affiliate system which webmasters and marketing experts can use to promote and our other brands. Traditional links and banners are there as expected but we also have some exciting new technology.

API banners
These banners have two actions, the first is a traditional click which takes a prospective user to the landing page. The second, is within the advert there's a sign up form that gives a prospective user instant access to the site. This removes the need for a user to click and then join. This greatly increases the banner impression to free join ratio.

API signup
Our API signup is perfect for affiliates who have member's area traffic. If you know a users email address to you create a button or link that automatically passes the address to our signup system. The potential user can get access to our brands with 1 click. We have also made the API connection very simple to implement. It takes just a few minutes to integrate into your existing site.

Commission and payments

Our affiliate program works on a revenue share that is one of the highest in the industry and note there are no up to statements! These are the rates you get from day 1. You earn more than we do on your traffic.

75% on initial orders and 50% on renewals

Global reach and multi-gender

Your traffic can come from any location and can be from any type of person. Our dating network supports males, females, couples and transgender. It also has 8 different sexualities. Other programs only accept certain traffic which means you are loosing sales commission every single day.

First class conversions

Our landing pages and site design are marketing leading and mobile focused. The majority of dating traffic is mobile and tablet based today. We are very successful at converting it for our affiliates.

Example conversion rates

CountryVist to free sign up rateDouble opt-in earnings
United Kingdom3:1$5.05
United States2:1$3.42

DOI values will depend on your traffic quality and are to be used for comparison purposes only against any system you use that pays on DOI rather than revenue share.

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