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UK Universities sex league table 2015

  • Ever wondered which Universities have the most fun in the halls of residence?
  • Choosing a University and want a different outlook on which to pick?
  • Find the University which you do not want your daughter pick! has complied the most active universities using our free casual dating website and ranked them based on average time spent on the site and total number of visitors over the university year 2014 to 2015 (mid September to start of July).

RankUniversitySessionsAv. Duration
1University of Sheffield2,15400:14:41
2University of Durham 573 00:00:48
3University of Hertfordshire 327 00:07:36
4University of Bournemouth 286 00:18:53
5University of Brighton 95 00:10:59
6University of Leicester 95 00:10:20
7University of Swansea 82 00:05:09
8University of Lincoln 68 00:08:07
9University of Cambridge 68 00:06:46
10University of Sussex 68 00:01:24
11Nottingham Trent University 56 00:17:10
12University of Coventry55 00:16:07
13University of Liverpool 55 00:06:13
14University of Oxford 55 00:03:07
15University of Central Lancashire 55 00:00:20
16University of Manchester 41 00:13:09
17University of East Anglia41 00:10:33
18University of Portsmouth 41 00:04:16
19Oxford Brookes University 41 00:02:47
20University of the West of Scotland 41 00:00:23
21University of Stirling 27 00:25:14
22University of Northumbria 27 00:22:32
23University of St. Andrews 27 00:12:50
24University of York 27 00:11:29
25University of Edinburgh 27 00:07:38
26University College of Ripon and York St. John 27 00:03:51
27University of Lancaster27 00:02:40
28University of Newcastle Upon Tyne 27 00:02:31
29University of Surrey 27 00:01:34
30University of Keele 27 00:00:00
31Napier university 14 00:13:32
32University of Reading 14 00:11:51
33University of Worcester 14 00:11:49
34University of Plymouth 14 00:10:41
35Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital 14 00:07:54
36University of Loughborough 14 00:01:23
37Aston university 14 00:00:45
38Kingston university 14 00:00:40
39Harper Adams University College 14 00:00:11
40Birmingham City University 14 00:00:03
41Brunel University 14 00:00:00
42University of Warwick 14 00:00:00
43University of Northampton 14 00:00:00
44University of Nottingham 14 00:00:00
45University of Bath 14 00:00:00
46University of Southampton 14 00:00:00
47University of Wales Aberystwyth 14 00:00:00

Saucydates university awards 2015

Special Awards

Sexiest University: The University of Sheffield
Sheffield gets a special mention for not only taking the number one slot but generating a massive 44% of our total University users. Sheffield is the top choice for 1:1 with honours in sex. Download Sheffield's award logo in high resolution here.

Most staying power: The University of Stirling
Quite simply a 'sterling' job to be the winners of the longest session duration with a very satisfying 25 minutes and 14 seconds per visitor on average. Download Stirling's award logo in high resolution here.

The most Voyeuristic: The University of Durham
The 2nd slot for most visitors but a very unsatisfying 48 second duration. What is it at a Durham that makes people look but not take part? Clearly, more into watching than participating. Download Durham's award logo in high resolution here.

The future

This is the first year has run this league table and we will continue to following the rankings. If you think your university should rank higher then hit the share button and see of you can do better next year.

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