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UK Universities sex league table 2016

This is our second year of running the UK University sex league table and there are lots of new entires and movements up and down the charts. The stats are generated from students using their university network to connect to They may be on wi-fi on their phone or being extra brave sitting in the computer centre with open on their screen! There will of course be many more sessions we cannot monitor on private networks or mobile connections. The data is from mid September to July 2015 / 2016.

See the link at the end of the page if you want to see the previous years results and if your university has won an award please consider sharing on your social networks. You should be proud!

If you're deciding on a future university then you may like to use this data to help make a choice.

RankLast yearUniversitySessionsAv. Duration
114Oxford university 141 00:17:45
236Loughborough university 141 00:08:49
328University of Newcastle upon Tyne 63 00:40:48
442University of Warwick 63 00:00:36
518University of Portsmouth 47 00:39:01
63University of Hertfordshire 31 00:21:57
79University of Cambridge 31 00:10:23
8-Cardiff university 31 00:08:32
947Aberystwyth university 31 00:07:09
1011The university of Nottingham 31 00:01:08
1121University of Stirling 31 00:00:10
12-University of Essex 31 00:00:01
1316The University of Manchester 16 00:31:23
1438Kingston university 16 00:18:37
1519Oxford Brookes university 16 00:17:32
161University of Sheffield 16 00:14:32
17-Queen Mary university of London 16 00:09:02
18-Goldsmiths university of London 16 00:07:53
19-Thames Valley university 16 00:06:48
20-London South Bank university 16 00:04:48
2134The university of Plymouth 16 00:01:40
2227Lancaster university 16 00:00:27
23-University of Strathclyde 16 00:00:09
245University of Brighton 16 00:00:04
2545University of Bath 16 00:00:00
2615University of Central Lancashire 16 00:00:00
27-University of Leeds 16 00:00:00
2813University of Liverpool 16 00:00:00
2932University of Reading 16 00:00:00
3029University of Surrey 16 00:00:00
3124University of York 16 00:00:00

Saucydates university awards 2016

Special Awards

Sexiest University: Oxford University
Oxford tops the chart with the most users and a healthy duration of 17 minutes 45 seconds. Oxford may have lost this years boat race and be pipped by one place in the global university ranks by Cambridge but when it comes to working hard and playing hard they are clear winners. Congratulations Oxford. Download Oxford's award logo in high resolution here.

Most staying power: University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Last year Stirling managed 25 minutes and 14 seconds on average but Newcastle have smashed that out of the water with an eye watering 40 minutes and 48 sounds this year. We hope this is not impacting your grades but a huge thanks for using that much! Download Newcastle upon Tyne's award logo in high resolution here.

The most Voyeuristic: University of Warwick
The 4th slot for most visitors but a very unsatisfying 36 second duration. As Warwick like watching but not participating they are this years winers of the voyeuristic award. Essex and Sterling both get an honourable mention. Download Warwick's award logo in high resolution here.

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