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Innovations in safer online dating

At we are passionate about safer dating. As we provide a 100% free service we are particularly exposed to scammers opening accounts to prey on genuine members. If we made people pay for dating then it would reduce fake accounts but as the fakes are backed by organised crime they would just use stolen credit card details and harm more people. We also don't want to charge people to join, we a proud to offer dating for free. We therefore feel we innovate in two ways. We focus hard on educating members on what to look out for as well as developing automatic systems to detect and delete abusing members. Together, our members and our coding can help.

It's a shame that fakes and scammers target websites and independent reports show that 1 in 10 profiles on many sites are fake. We want our members to be informed of risks so their dating experience can be fun, sexy and safe. Nothing is ever hidden from our members.

Automatic detection has a unique Scametrics System which scores every member on the site, a perfect, well behaved member has 100 points and an abusive member with scammer like tendencies has 0 points. At the score for every member is shown publicly on their profile page allowing you to decide if you should contact this person or not. When a member hits 0 points they are banned for life.

How does Scametrics work?

We cannot go into too many details so the bad guys cannot get around our methods so the processes are discussed in general terms. The system is broken into multiple calculations and processes, these include:
  • IP address block list
  • Email address block list
  • Image block list
  • Multiple accounts with shared IP addresses
  • Message scanning
  • Message send / receive ratios
  • User reports
  • Profile scanning

Scametrics Connection

We have developed a custom system that can associate related accounts which is really helping us combat fake profiles. When the core methods above detect a fake Scametrics finds all the related accounts and removes them also. If our members report and detect a fake or the scammer makes a mistake and triggers enough checks then every profile they have written is taken down.


Message warnings
The fake or scammer will always have to interact with you via a message. If our systems consider the person you are talking with as a high risk then their message to you is marked with a warning. You can read the message but the warning helps you be on your guard and educates every member on the site of things to look out for in the future.

Romance scammer page
Within the site we host a page fully dedicated in explaining why fakes exist on dating sites. It covers what to look out for and asks every member to hit the report button if they see any if the listed traits.

Our awards

We have been a finalist 2 years running for the international idate awards.
idate award 2013 idate award 2014

Security details

If you would like to get really technical we would love to share some of the security features with you.

As stated in our terms and conditions we do not perform background checks on our members, nor do we make any recommendations of members. All members must perform their own background checks on people they interact with on any of our websites.