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Before you open a 100% free adult dating account with us today may be you would like to know about the features we have?

Clean pictures
You can upload a profile picture and we only approve pictures that clearly show our members faces. No hiding and no stupid pictures. Up front, genuine and honest. Real adults being polite and professional in a clean and friendly environment.

Local searches
All our members enter their nearest city or use our automatic location tool and we work out how far everyone is away from each other. This means that all our searches are ordered by distance. This lets you connect with people who are just around the corner!

Free and safe messages
Every dating site has messages but we give you an inbox and an outbox. This lets you see when your messages have been opened.

Keep track of people you like
The favourites function is very much like friends on most social networks. See someone you like and add them to your list. The list is an ideal way to make sure you don't loose track of someone who has caught your eye.

Computer / tablet / mobile
We provide an fantastic user experience for all types of computers and devices. A dedicated mobile interface gives you an app like experience but fully online. The standard computer interface as also been designed with tablets in mind. You will not find any buttons or links that are too small to click. No mater were you are or what device you have, you can date for free with!

Your security is important
Security and safety are very important to us. Whenever you have a site that allows messages to be sent there will always be a small group of people who abuse it to try and scam people. We have written some of the most advanced security systems ever seen in an online dating site, this included encrypted links which are just like your own online bank. We work every day to make our dating environment as secure as possible.

Screenshots screenshot

Settings menus are simple to navigate and the buttons are big enough for tablet users. screenshot

Dating search within the desktop interface. Ultra clean design and very easy to use.